State of the Post!

A Message from the Commander

May 19, 2020

We have now been forced into closure for just over two months, costing Post 18 substantial loses in revenue. While we have paid our bills, amounting to over $20,000.00, we must also consider our loss in sales and slot machine revenue, which easily amounts to $50,000.00. Fortunately, our financial situation at the time of closure was substantial and I have no doubt that we will get through this situation with money to spare.

Since closing we have sold most of our beer and wine stock at cost. Luckily, G & G Distributors, along with Kelly Distributors has redeemed our remaining stock of beer and given the post credit for the return. We do have escrow accounts with both distributors, so when we reopen our output of cash will be minimal.

Post members have worked hard for over two months, to revitalize the bar. Most of you have seen the bar top, which is quite impressive. Now, everything below the bar top has been reconstructed and is quite an improvement and compliments the new bar top. You will also see a new floor in the lounge. The tiles have been ordered, but unfortunately will not be installed until June 2 or 3. Should we be allowed to open before then, we may have to close once again (albeit) for a short time; We’ll See! The color of the tiles has changed, along with the design and configuration of the individual tiles. In all, I think it will make for a much more enjoyable and comforting atmosphere. When it comes time to install the new flooring, we will need at least six members to move items around to accommodate the activity. When called upon, I hope you will step up to the plate. Give thanks to Adjutant Gene Whitacre, Asst. Adjutant Charlie Kallay and Vice Commander Tom McCauley, for their overall contributions to this project.

After the reconstruction, the post was filthy dirty due to saw and sanding dust being carried though the ventilation system. A massive clean up had to take place. Responding to the call included; the bartenders; Legionnaires; Legion Riders; and our Auxiliary Unit. I want to thank each and everyone who rose to the occasion and extended a hand to their post. This included, not only the bar and lounge, but every room in the post.

Our Finance Officer, Robert Montenegro, has been active in keeping a watchful eye over expenditures. He has uncovered several over charges and mistakes in accounts payable and corrected them accordingly. Bob has also negotiated our insurance policies through several companies and once again has manage to get lower pricing. Our insurance premiums are now under 10K. When you see Bob, thank him for his keen eye and hawkish tenacity in support of the post membership.

Our Adjutant and Assistant Adjutant, Gene Whitacre and Charlie Kallay, respectively, have also worked diligently in the maintenance of our roster and membership. Both have contributed in the reconstruction of the Bar and several maintenance items. Gene has been called to active duty since the outbreak of the virus and found time to include the post on what few days he was off assignment.

It appears that Liquor Licenses are being held hostage until the Governor authorizes the reopening of such businesses. While this has not been confirmed, it certainly appears to be within reason to assume. Licenses were to go in affect May 1. Rules and regulations governing the license have changed in many respects. Simple changes have been put in place that require immediate action on the part of the bar owners, in this case the Commander. Should owners not rad the regulations, they will certainly awaken when mandatory inspections take place. Three things of notable action include; the framing of the license and hanging it in clear view of the bar; posting a specific sign at all entrances to the facility; assuring that all bartenders have read the regulations and that those regulations are placed at or near the bar cash register. Post 18 is ready for this! Finally, the bar will start working with nickels and dimes, while pennies will be placed on the back-burner for now. Why? It is simple reasoning. Over the decades the post experienced cost increase that amounted to 50 cents or so on a case of beer or wine and liquor as well. The post, not willing to raise the price by 25cents, ate the increase. This might not seem like much, but over the course of a year it cost the post thousands of dollars in lost income. Raising the price by a nickel or dime, when increases occur, only serves as a mandatory and logical business practice.

Memorial Day Services will take place, in honor of those KIA and MIA, on May 25th, 2020, starting at 0800 Hours. It is the only Honorable course to take, as those that lost their lives to combat are eternally recognized and “Not Forgotten”. There will not be a luncheon this year and the ceremony will take place on the front lawn of the Post. We will start with lowering the flag to half=staff at 0800 hours, accompanied by the performance of taps. A prayer will be offered and I will then present a speech in their honor. Should any other member wish to say a few words, let me know. The flag will be place back to Full-Staff at the noon hour. May God always care for the defenders of freedom, after all, this is God’s Country.

I hope this covers everything to this point. I look forward to seeing all in the near future, God Bless Everyone and I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Commander Gregory Manning