Be Thankful:


On Thursday November 26th 2020, we celebrate another Thanksgiving. The Platitudes always stand true; however, this year has brought several challenges not seen in our lifetimes. We must not forget the very basic and fundamental purpose of this holiday: thankfulness, gratitude and appreciation. I must confess that football, turkey and all the trimmings have been the priority of my holiday for years. This year must be different. We must bolster our resolve that will bring us through these difficult times. We Americans have a spirit of giving that the world has never seen before. We do get distracted at times; but we possess a force that is unstoppable and divine inspired.

As you may suspect, the men and women that serve and have served in the armed forces, and their families, are at the top of my list for our attention. There are many veterans dealing with the challenges of life-altering injuries and families suffering with this trauma as well. There are veterans dealing with psychological issues that can be life threatening. These men, women and children need our care, time and resources.

In that moment of solemnity in prayer, ask God to bless the fallen and protect the forgotten. When we say Grace at the dinner table, lets add the troubled veterans and their families to our prayers. Look around your dinner table; the blessings you have, whether present or not, are the treasures you enjoy. The veterans in some way or another have made that possible.

This Thursday enjoy all the spectacular things happening on the holiday. During a touchdown or dessert, you can even inconspicuously say a quick prayer in the recliner for veterans, it’ll be our secret.

If you know a veteran in trouble, there is a link below that might help.
Suicide Prevention Hotline

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving!