Brandon & Thordis



Charlie Kallay

On Saturday April 15th, Brandon & Thordis performed at our Post 18 Centreville, MD. My original plan was to stop in the Post, take a few pictures, then after getting a feel for the group, go home and start preparing this article. As I was paying my tab during bar closing, it was at this time that the performance I had fully enjoyed was of a rare caliber.

The duo features a marvelous young lady (Thordis), and her talents are some percussion, harmonica and most important vocals. She provides harmonies that broaden and enrich the depth of the pair. When required she can take the vocal lead and grab the crowd and inspire them to respond with enthusiasm. With her higher (alto soprano) voice it can give the duo an almost endless repertoire.

The guitarist is obviously Brandon. His level of performance rewards the listener with what seems to be an ease of performance. One thing must be said now, Brandon is an active member of the U.S. Army, So let me thank him for his service. I watched in awe at this elite performer display his mastery for all of the jaw-dropped admirers, including myself. Everybody was looking at each other in amazement, the words on their lips were, ‘Damn he’s good.” The crowd would get closer just to make sure he was really pulling off such a great performance. Others and myself were continually trying to talk about what he was able to do, but at the same time we were shushing each other, no one wanted to miss anything.

The duo took requests and I can’t remember anything that the two of them couldn’t satisfy the crowd in their undertaking. The genres were varied and pleasing. Everyone could sing and or dance to something. A majority of those in attendance made it to the dance floor; and sang as if they were in a sporting arena.    

With all the previous superlatives about the duo and the attendees, there are a few things very important to Post 18 whenever an event like this is presented. The talent and entertainment were impressive. The attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves, by anecdotal measure. The atmosphere was safe, inviting, comfortable and affordable, in regards to these measures, mission accomplished. If you weren’t in attendance there are many reasons for that, everyone understands, stuff happens. However, if you were just indifferent about coming and beginning to feel guilty or regret for not showing up, remember that. Use that feeling as a motivating factor to attend our next event. Who knows, you might get caught having great time, but I won’t tell.

Rumor has it that Brandon & Thordis may be coming back soon, so don’t miss out, it’s truly is a treat. Keep watching for our FaceBook posts and check back here for updates on the events calendar; you also might find something else you might like.