In Remembrance of the Fallen

By Charlie Kallay

As Memorial Day approaches, there is more to think about than just what we are grilling, or trying not to forget stopping for beer. The reason Memorial Day is required, it’s a stark and solemn reminder of the ultimate sacrifice made by our men and women that have served our country.

The festivities that we enjoy on Memorial Day are provided by the fallen and M.I.A.’s that have paid for our freedom. When you attend a local Memorial Day Ceremony, please keep in mind the blood spilled for our liberty. Normandy, Chosin Reservoir, Da Nang, Baghdad, Tora Bora are just a small portion of the list of battles that have taken our heroes from us.

I would like to point out, that you are now the guardians of their memory. It is our duty to ensure their sacrifice is preserved and carried on into perpetuity. Defend against time wearing away the freshness of their memory; don’t allow indifference to make their memories fade into a mere afterthought.

Should you not be able to attend a Memorial Day Ceremony because of the pandemic, or other circumstances. The accompanying video below will bring to you, a solemn reminder of the ultimate sacrifices made by our missed heroes. May God comfort them and give them peace.

Arrangement: by Jari Villanueva, performed by: The Naval Academy Brass