Knights in Shining Armor:

Knights in shinning armor1

On September 12th, the elected officers were installed to their positions. This notice is to highlight what happened afterwards. Commander Gregory Manning gained attention of the audience with the following step in the proceedings.

The following people and branches of Post 18 are worthy of at least our great thanks and high praise.

The Sons of the American Legion, American Legion Riders, Auxiliary Unit 18 and Marine Corp League received Certificates of Appreciation for their contributions’ towards the purchase of lounge furniture. Receiving the awards for their respective group: 
Sons of the American Legion: Al Quimby
American Legion Riders:  John White
Auxiliary Unit 18 : Margaret Kallay

Mr. John White and Ms. Karyn White received individual certificates: for helping to develop the website and contributing to many other activities at Post 18.

Mr. Gene Whitacre, also known as, SFC Gene Whitacre was deployed during the recent covid-19 shut down. During his deployment, he would come to Post 18, do needed maintenance and repairs. He would also do his administrative duties as Adjutant. For all his hard work, Adjutant Whitacre was awarded The Active Military Service Award.

Speaking for everyone I wish to thank Adjutant Whitacre for his service to our country.

Charles Kallay was awarded: Legionnaire of the Year Award.

It must be noted, that the organizations and people listed above are dependant on the entire membership. Post 18 has a cadre of unsung heroes, a list too long to mention here. Speaking for the award winners, I wish to extend the most heartfelt thanks to all the unsung heroes of Post 18. I hope your example can be an inspiration for others to follow.