Memorial Day May 29th, 2023

memorialday2023 – Copy

Memorial Day May 29th, 2023 another year has passed and our great country solemnly recognizes the brave men and women that paid the ultimate price for the freedom we enjoy. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Airmen and Coastguardsmen are our fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers and sisters; our fallen heroes are a reflection of us. Our fallen heroes come from every class and part of the country.

The ultimate sacrifice is usually paid without fanfare nor without ceremony; it is rare for the military to send a funeral detail or a bugler to sound Taps. The sacrifice is sure to be repaid with a tri-folded flag and the tears of our heroes’ loved ones. It is very easy to forget or not realize the collateral pain that is suffered by our heroes’ loved ones; but the sacrifices and pain runs wide and deep. To the heroes’ loved ones, I ask, please look up at our flag as it flies; your loved one ensured that keeps happening.

As for the rest of us, while we’re doing some grilling and having a few beverages, maybe say a short prayer for the fallen, their family and friends. Maybe between flipping burgers. maybe have a joint prayer with all those at your gathering or one with an unnoticed bowing of your head. Just a Reminder, Watch your free kids/grandchildren, the blood and ultimate sacrifice of the fallen allow us to take for granted what others would beg for. You’ve seen pictures or have been to Arlington National Cemetery. The tombstones are in neat rows and column. Acre upon acre of the brave and best America has to offer. Pray for the peace and rest of our heroes and their loved ones’ grief to pass swiftly. Remember, with deep conviction and understanding, that our country is not possible without the devoted men and women having come before us, they preserved our Republic and freedoms. I urge you to somehow get involved with an organization that helps veterans and/or there families.

Allow me to start: May God Bless our fallen military and give them rest and peace. May God Bless the families of the fallen so that their grief may pass quickly. May God Bless the United States of America.