Queen of Hearts at the American Legion!

Hello friends and Legion family, as it stands now we will be bringing the Queen of Hearts back on September 13, 2020. Why so late? At this point we’re focusing on getting the American Legion Post 18 up and running, likewise we want to be both patient and responsible here. We do not want to unintentionally impact anyone or the Post by starting this fundraising game too soon. All tickets purchased before the COVID-19 closure are still in play, so no worries there.

We are looking forward to welcoming each of you back to our home at Post 18. The pot is over $8,000 and with any luck we may see this Queen of Hearts Game last 53-weeks and reach $75,000 (like the previous game) or more.

Please join us at Post 18 at 6:00pm on Sunday, September 13, 2020 as we once again see if anyone can find the elusive Queen of Hearts.