School Supplies, Please


The American Legion Auxiliary is collecting supplies for children attending our local elementary school(s). At Jeff Davis Post 18 in Centreville, MD. a box is designated for your valuable contribution: pens, pencils, notebooks, markers, etc… there is a great benefit to giving school supplies; as you’re buying these items, nostalgia and a lot of memories will make it fun.

If you prefer to give by cash or check, that is welcome and appreciated. Here’s what I suggest. Come on down to the American Legion Jeff Davis Post 18 with the school supplies that you’ve purchased; and once you’ve delivered the supplies, you’ll be surprised how that feels. If you plan to pay by check, it is asked you make the check payable, to Auxiliary Unit 18. Please put the cash or check in a sealed envelope and put “Auxiliary” on the front of the envelope, and give it to the bartender in the lounge. Your Contribution is appreciated and it certainly will go to good use.

Jeff Davis Post 18
2619 Centreville Rd.
Centreville, MD. 21617