Thank you!

Hardees Cares1

On November 16th, 2nd Vice Commander Charles Kallay presented a certificate of appreciation on behalf of Jeff Davis Post 18. The recipient of the certificate is General Manager Susan Walther of Hardee’s in Centerville, Md.

Their contribution to Jeff Davis Post 18 was a major factor for the success of the Vendors Art and Flea Market. It was my personnel pleasure to collaborate with Ms. Walther for this contribution. As a representative of Hardee’s, Ms. Walther displayed a delightful and generous attitude. She is surely an American Legion, Jeff Davis Post 18 friend. On behalf of Jeff Davis Post 18, I wish to send out our gratitude and thanks to Hardee’s and General Manager Susan Walther.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to present certificates to other major contributors in person.

Those contributors were also awesome in their own right. They also can’t be thanked enough. Let me recognize them here:

Pepsi Bottling Ventures
GM Mike Wood
Asst. Patty Doherty

Polock Johnny’s
VP Warren Dawson

Let me thank everyone again, it was certainly a pleasure to have contact with all of the above. We wish nothing but the best of success to you.

Charles Kallay
2nd Vice Commander