The Greatest Independence of The World:

Enjoy the Celebration!
Painting by John Trumbull

On July 4th, 1776, the greatest thing in political human history occurred. A band of men, representing their respective colonies, risking life and property signed a document declaring they will no longer endure tyranny. That taxation without representation is no longer tolerable.

That a new government will be established by the people without tyranny’s hand strangling the colonies for ransom. A government of freedom that allows one to enjoy the fruits of their labors; with a voice to plead their grievances to secure a destiny through providence or the dedication of one’s works.

         Today we find ourselves enjoying the rights and freedoms that our founders released from a tyrant’s oppression. Though these times are troubled; we will unite to remedy whatever is cast before us. We are a people of great resilience and steadfastness. We are Americans. From our birth, our country, has become the most generous, innovative, and defenders of the world’s peace.

          It is true our county has made some terrible mistakes, but one of the country’s greatest traits is its ability to make things right. We are built to be a country of compromise, a country with differences, yet having a common cause.

At times, we will endure trying and difficult stages in our American journey; however, Benjamin Franklyn is attributed with saying, “We must all hang together or … we shall all hang separately…”  This stands true to this very day. We must look back to the founding fathers, united for a cause bigger than themselves. That cause is The United States of America.

If you find yourself at a picnic and/or fireworks on the 4th, remember men like George Washington, Ben Franklin, John Hancock and many others, they were the executors of our creator’s endowment of unalienable rights. As you look to the heavens enjoying the fireworks, maybe some reflection on them or even a toast to them would be appropriate.