Veterans Day Announcement

Veterans Day1

On Wednesday November 11th at 1100hrs, Jeff Davis Post 18 will have its annual Veterans Day ceremony. The ceremony will be held at Centreville town square. Please attend the ceremony and show your support for our national heroes. While your thinking of attending the ceremony, please think of the following:

What If…

By Charlie Kallay

Battle of Saratoga, Attack on Ft. McHenry, San Juan Hill, Argonne Forest, Midway, Coral Sea, Iwo Jima, Bastogne and Tet, the previous listed battles are just a small glimpse of human treasure needed to keep us free.

Historians like to have an intellectual exercise of: what would have happened if some other strategy had been employed. Let us look at some things that are much more important and tangible. Something that has touched thousands of families throughout our country.

For a moment, imagine if the men and women of the battles listed above failed to accomplish their respective objectives. What if…would we be speaking German, Japanese or having high tea at 1600hr. That pressure can not be understood with words. Their courage allows us to enjoy our freedom.

What if we had to endure their loneliness, sorrow and depression. The understanding of our veterans would increase immensely, and maybe empathy as well So, a suggestion to veterans everywhere, at a gathering of veterans, after the Veterans Day ceremony, lift a glass for those veterans that have passed. Then raise a glass to yourselves, providence has brought you back to us and you deserve our thanks.

Bluntly, to all United States veterans and active members of the armed forces, with all humility and sincerity, thank you.